How to Do Onshore and Offshore Company Formation in Dubai

With its central location and advance facilities and infrastructure, Dubai has become the focus of a lot of investors, both foreign and local, when they are looking for cities to go to in the United Arab Emirates. This city, which is made up of about 85% expatriates, has made their location an open city and has welcomed many people from different cultures to establish themselves and make a living in the region.

Here are just some of the things your company can get if you are successful in starting your business in Dubai:

  • Full tax exemption from corporate
  • There is no value added tax and sales tax
  • No income tax
  • Full exemption on wealth tax


Two Types of Companies in Dubai

When you go to Dubai to setup your business, you will need to choose from two types of companies: onshore or offshore. Though the application for these two are both easy once it’s started, the requirements are different and you may find it harder to fulfill some of them depending on your current situation.

For onshore companies, they open their offices within the mainland areas of Dubai. They are the ones who usually center on getting the business of residents in the city or the local market so they really need to have an office in the center of Dubai. An onshore company is allowed to fully operate within the city and rent an office space in any building or establishment they deem fit to their operations. There is one drawback for some foreign investors when it comes to onshore companies and that is they need to find a local partner before they can proceed on doing their company formation in Dubai.

For offshore companies, they cannot open an office within Dubai but instead can operate at designated free trade zone areas in the country. In a free trade zone, the companies also get the same great facilities and tax exemptions, but can only operate outside of Dubai. For example, if you want to engage in importing or exporting, then your business is perfect to be stationed in a free zone area because you do not primarily target the local customers in Dubai.


Start Today with Company Formation in Dubai

Deciding whether to go for an offshore or onshore company in Dubai is the very first major decision you will have to make before you can truly be focused on starting your company incorporation in the city. You can know more about the latest on company formation rules and fees by contacting a reliable company formation agency in Dubai.

You can simply search online for established company formation consultants or ask yoru contacts in Dubai for referrals. There are also many videos and forums you can watch and participate in to get more information about which agencies are well-known and are credible but also do not charge exorbitant fees for their consultation services. Finding the right agency is the best way to start your business move to Dubai.


Know more about company formation in Dubai at Chambers Dubai.

Tips on How You Can Improve Your Logo Design

For a lot of seasoned designers and graphics artists, you would think planning and creating a logo would be a piece of cake, right? Not really. Indeed, even experienced designers can experience considerable difficulties particularly in the event that they are designing a logo for a new company or new client. There is a whole other world to logo designing than simply putting a pack of hues, shapes, and content together. You would need to think of some as essential components so as to concoct an awesome logo plan. Here are some of those:

Designer Drawing

Think Out of the Box

Logos are what help organizations and brands separate themselves from other competitors and get their target clients to notice them. So most logo design Dubai companies truly put in a really long time of conceptualizing on how to display their logo design in an interesting and original way.

An awesome tip to think of your company values and try to communicate that into the design of the logo. Obviously you can simply get motivation from layouts and styles around you, however be mindful so as not to take motivation an excessive amount to the point that it gets to be literary theft. Try not to be reluctant to think out of the box and conceptualize with your co-designers to come up with the best way to show the brand you are dealing with in a new and unique way.


Invest Energy to Know Your Brand

There are graphics artists and designers who immediately jump into the logo designing project without even thinking or asking about the background of their client. This is a very bad way to kick-off a project and a good recipe for disaster! A logo may very well be a straightforward picture, yet it can talk a thousand words about the picture and mission/vision of a specific item, brand, or organization.

Before coming up with different design proposals, write down what you really understand about the brand you are designing for. Some designers even make a vision board with some picture pegs that will remind them about the brand system for the item. Basically, don’t simply be roused by feel. As a creator, you ought to likewise know the more profound importance and message the brand needs to impart to its target customers.


Make Your Design Simple and Adaptable

A logo is the main thing that clients notice around an item and it can stick for a considerable length of time and even decades and once you transform it, it can even considerably affect the brand or organization. So it is truly critical to design the best looking logo to represent your brand name or identity.

Try not to make logos that have such a large number of components that it swarms the whole picture with different colors, shapes, lines, etc. Make your logos clear, simple on the eyes, and adaptable—which means it can be effortlessly duplicated on different forms of media such as print, on the web, on garments, and different items. You wouldn’t need clients sitting for extended periods attempting to comprehend what the logo implies.


Source: ENH Media

Website Design Dubai: How to Make Your Website Design Better

If you want your website visitors to immediately leave your site after seeing the landing page, all you need to do is come up with a crappy design and cumbersome navigation and they will certainly be out of your website in no time. However, if you want your visitors to stay, surf on your site, and continue coming back in the future, then you need to make sure your website design is easy on the eyes, easy to navigate, and provides timely and useful information to your visitors.



If you are in the business of providing website design Dubai services, then here are some of the most important things to remember when designing your website and making great improvements to how it looks.


Have a professional logo

When visitors come to your website, the first thing they would like to see and feel is that they are visiting a professional website and a legitimate business. So your company logo would play a big role in attracting the attention of your visitors and make them stay longer to surf.


Create intuitive navigation buttons

Why is this so important? People who surf the net usually want to get access to the information they are looking for fast. So if you have a website that is difficult to navigate and makes it hard for visitors to find the information they need, they will easily get frustrated and immediately leave your website.

The best way to lay out your navigation design is to place the most important topics on the top of your landing page and put less important information at the bottom of the page. For example, links to other pages and privacy information can all be at the bottom of your homepage.


Mind Your Layout

Aside from managing your text content properly, you should also look at the images and spaces you put on your web design. The best rule of thumb is to avoid clutter and do not overload your webpage with images just to make a point. Sometime one or 2 images are already enough to get your viewers’ attention and stay on your site.

Also, when designing the layout and images for your website, make sure you give your visitors enough breathing room—that is, make sure you have give the right amount of spacing for between letters or text and the images. Again, you wouldn’t want your visitors to feel clutter and the sense of an unorganized site when they visit.


Test Your Design

Finally, when creating your website design, don’t forget to actually test the site before launching it to your target audience. Through a demo site and getting some users to interact or surf your site, you can get feedback on what areas work and what don’t. As a demo site, you can still have time to make adjustments, revisions, and input new information or images or content to make sure that your actual customers and visitors would have the best experience every time they visit your web site.

Benefits of Getting Professional Dubai Photography Services

Whether it is a wedding event, birthday party or any special occasion, it is always a good idea to capture all your special moments through the lens and creative eye of a professional photographer. While everyone is partying, talking, or enjoying the event, you wouldn’t want to miss those important details that’s why it’s important to get professional Dubai Photography services so you will have experienced photographers and crew taking the memorable shots on your special day.images


With a lot of photo studios and packages available, it still boils down to choosing the photographer that you are most comfortable working with and who also has a very competitive package to offer. Experience, additional services, budget, and quality equipment are some of the factors that must be considered before you make a final decision when choosing a reliable and high quality photographer.


What You Get from Professional Photography Services


With the smart phone and tablet revolution, people have suddenly become photography addicts taking snapshots here and there at any event. However, there are still things that professional photographers give that you cannot have from your friend’s iPhone.


One of these is that they can offer high-quality images for portraits, posters, and any other commercial projects. With their high-end equipment like cameras, lights, and post-production expertise, you can rely on professional studios to give you not just photos for family albums but also for special events and advertising needs.


Another important advantage of getting professional photographers is that you can have a styled photo shoot. Most studios have in-house stylists and available props to shoot conceptual photos in the studio or for an outdoor shoot. Working with a professional photographer and his team will allow you to brainstorm ideas that you would like for your images. For example, if you are shooting a pre-nup shoot, then you can discuss with your photographer some ideas for the theme, look, and location of your shoot. Together with a stylists and make-up artist, the photographer will help find the perfect combination of these elements to produce the perfect shot for your pre-nup pictures.


Creative presentation of photographs is another great benefit of getting professional Dubai photography services. Other than providing a wide range of photography styles, a photographer can also give you a variety of attractive and eye-catching album presentations and even create an audio-visual collage of all your images, which you can then present during your event.


When it comes to cost, a lot of photographers are now offering affordable and competitive rates. If you need additional services, some photographers can offer you special packages that are tailored for your needs. However, before you search for a photographer, make sure that you know your requirements. It is because not all photography packages are the same. If you want to get results and be satisfied, know your requirements first as this can help you decide which package is best for your budget.


Next time you have an important event or special occasion, don’t risk not getting excellent detailed shots of special moments you won’t be able to repeat.

How to Be Better Naturally Healthy via Dieting and Smart Decisions

In some places of the world, especially in the United States as shown in, a lot of people are taking dieting to the extreme without necessarily doing it in a healthy way, by eating natural foods. Actually, if you live in the US then you know how widespread obesity is. Often time when you have been dieting, you will have the tendency to go off in an unhealthy way. There are just too many diets that do not recognize the importance of eating a healthy diet. The best and smartest strategy is to make lifestyle changes that promote natural health through sensible eating. As you read on you will find information that will assist you in reaching your objective.

There is one fundamental key that you need to stick to when you are seeking a healthier you. The key is to make sure you are eating a balanced diet and do not deviate. The grounds for failure with these diets are many. For instance, the conditions may be too hard to maintain. Anytime you are trying to uphold an exacting sort of diet, you may find it a bit tedious after awhile. Both your mind and body need to be treated with diversity. It is important that you maintain calm with a stress free attitude so you are able to concentrate on your goals.

Just about the worst time to start a new diet is near the end of winter time (if you have that season where you live). There is so much pressure to lose weight to make yourself look better once the summer has arrived. The real point in this situation is that it takes real patience when you begin to change what you eat.

You know this, but still there is a huge diet industry that caters to impatience. Typically people don’t buy energy drinks just to get more energy but because they are hoping to speed up their metabolisms. There are some diet pills that work on pretty much the same idea. If you want to have the greatest success, then try to have patience and approach things the right way.

Right now, particularly in the US, the word “diet” brings images of fad diets to mind. But as you understand, everybody has a diet that is all their own and it just refers to what they each every day in a habit. Things will get a little bit easier for you when you start to get away from that kind of thinking or when you think that you are on some kind of special diet. There are too many negative associations with that word, and it causes psychological conflict for many reasons. You probably already know or at least have some sort of understanding about what a healthy food actually is. So you need to focus on getting more of those into what you normally eat each day. When you get all of the facts you can about getting natural health through dieting, you are taking the best approach. As soon as you know all of the different paths to take, then you need to decide which one is best for you. Every diet works for some people, but they also don’t work for other people. People have opinions about diets like any other subject, which doesn’t make any of them right or wrong, for that matter. It is your body, and your health, so you need to find the information you need, and make your own decision.