Services You Can Get from a Florist Shop in Dubai

If you like flowers and often buy them from different florist shop in Dubai, you would be glad to know that there are many shops now that offer different types of services in order to make it more convenient for their customers. Also, since the competition between flower shops in Dubai have really been stiff, many shops now always think of way to entice their customers by offering discounts, promos, and other giveaways with their flower bouquets.

There are many new services that have proven to be beneficial to the customers ordering flowers mainly because it cuts the time they need to receive their orders and they get fresher and more accurate orders. Usually, it is the big flower shops like Mercury Flowers – Flower Shop in Dubai that have many different offers and extra services because they also have the resources necessary to make these services effective.


One of the services being offered now is online ordering for various types of flower arrangements. You can choose from the prearranged bouquets of the flower shop that they post online or you can also create your own customized bouquet by choosing the different flowers available on their site.


What makes this customized online ordering special is that you can choose the combination of flowers that go into your order and choose a theme that fits the purpose of your order. For example, if you want to give flowers to your mom on Mother’s Day, you can simply choose the flowers you want online, then add some extras such as ribbons, cards, and other items being offered by the flower shop in order to make your flower bouquet really stand out.


Once you are done with your customized flower arrangement, you can take advantage of the online payment services as well. Not all florist shop in Dubai are able to accept a wide range of payment options, but the common ones should be there such as credit card or Paypal.


Another great service that many shops have nowadays is same-day flower delivery. Again, not all shops are able to offer same-day because they simply do not have the resources yet to make sure that the flowers or orders arrive on time. So before you order, search for shops that already have this service or you can call your prospective flower shop and ask if they offer same-day delivery. Once you have confirmed this service with the shop you can go ahead and place your order. Usually if you just live nearby, the shop will no longer charge delivery cost and you can save a lot of time and money with that. However, if you are ordering from a shop that is a bit far, you might be asked to pay some delivery charge. Just as long as the charge is still within your budget and that you think it is a fair rate relative to your location, then you can opt for the same-day delivery instead of going or visiting to the shop yourself.